Real Nappy Week

real nappySo it’s Real Nappy Week this week and I’d be an awful cloth advocate if I didn’t mention it. Real nappies are definitely becoming more and more popular, and the more funky and easy to look after they make them, the more people will use them.

People often comment on how big H’s peach looks in his cloth nappies. Like that’s a bad thing – it’s gorgeous and grabbable and I’m convinced he could sit unaided so early on because the nappies helped him balance. But being more bulky than disposables does have one drawback, and that is clothes. He’s in the right sized clothes for his age, some are even a bit big (especially the arms – is it just H or do all babies have hilariously short arms in comparison with the rest of their bodies?), but often his babygrows need a bit of persuasive stretching over the bum. You can buy beautiful specially made clothes designed to accommodate cloth nappies but they’re more expensive and I’m not willing (well, able) to fork out for a whole wardrobe of expensive clothes. Sadly I don’t have a solution to this problem yet and just have to accept that he’s going to pop his poppers every now and then and I’m always going to struggle getting the lovely dungarees fastened up. Maybe the more people opt for cloth, the more clothing designers will think about making the bum area a bit more roomy!

If you’re one of those who is considering “going cloth” but are put off by the initial spending, take advantage of Real Nappy Week and have a look at some great offers to help you get started. Here are just a handful of the offers available, by no means all of them. (Before you ask, I am in no way connected to any of these companies and am not getting anything from them by listing their sites – I just want to spread the fluff love.)

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